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An awful  lot has happened in the last few months, since the Public Enquiry in which the Governments Planning Inspector refused planning permission. So we thought we would try to give you a summary of what has gone on.

In January 2012 the developer Metacre submitted another planning application on half of the site but this time for 100 houses. See below for location

New plan

This was heard by Fylde’s Planning Committee on September 12th. You can read a report of this meeting on the  Counterbalance website.


The Comittee voted to reject the application six against, five in favour and three abstensions.

Several weeks later the deveoper submitted exactly the same application.   The Fylde BC  planning office accepted this but under rule 70b of the Town and country Planning Act the Fylde planning committee could decide not to consider this application.  The meeting to decide if they should accept the 2nd  application was held on the 19th Decmeber, but just in case the committee decided to accept the application, Fylde BC also put the actual application on the same agenda.

The committee again voted for common sense and despite strong advice from the council’s own planning officers the councillors voted not to accept the application  and therefore it was not necessary to hear the actual application.  (Confusing isn’t it.  It gets worse but try to stick with us! ) You can again read about it in more detail on the Counterbalance website. Click Here

However in the meantime the developer must have decided to cover all of his bases. So he put in an appeal against the planning committee’s September  decision to refuse the application to the Secretary of State . So we are now subject to yet another Public enquiry. The Enquiry has been set for 19th February 2013 and the good news is, that it is being held in Wesham’s Community centre.

Wesham Action Group will again be defending the appeal under a Rule 6.  This is a rule which allows local groups rto be represented at appeals.  So if you are around in the Wesham area please pop in to the enquiry. We need to show as much support as possible the enquiry is open to the public at all times and should last three days. We will also need you to put in yet more letters of objection, details will follow.

So to try to summarise what has happened over the past three years:-

December 2008 – Planning application submitted by Developer for 268 houses

May 2009   Petition handed into council with over 900 signatures from Wesham residents against the application

March 2010 – Planning Committee votes unanimously  to refuse the application

April 2010 Developer submits an Appeal to the Secretary of Stete

September 2010 – Public Enquiry held in Lytham

March 2011 – Government Planning Officer decides to refuse the application

March 2011 – Secretary of State, Eric Pickles endorses the planning inspectors decision

May 2011 – Developer submits a Judicial review against the Secretary of State decison

May 2011 – Judicial review rules in favour of the Secretary of State

January 2012 – Developer submits an application for 100 houses on half the site

June 2012 – Petition handed into council with over 1000 signatures against the 100 house application

Septempber 2012 – Fylde Planning Committtee votes to refuse the application

October 2012 -  Developer submits an identical application for 100 houses

November 2012 – Developer puts in an appeal into the Governments Planning Inspector against the committee’s September 2012 decision to refuse the application

December 2012 – Planning Committee Refuses to accept the second application

February 2013 – Public Enquiry into the Sept  application











Wesham Needs You

This second planning application proposing housing development on farmland north of Mowbreck Lane Wesham will go before the Council’s Development Management Committee (DMC) next Wednesday 12th September at 10am at St Margaret’s Church, St Leonards Road West, St Annes.

We urgently request yo come along and attend the meeting even if you don’t wish to speak we need public support

If you wish to speak for up to 3 minutes you must register by 12 noon on Monday by clicking on the link below


wag leaflet120908



Wesham Town Council is hosting a public meeting to inform Wesham residents  on the Mowbreck Lane  planning application. The meeting will be held at Wesham Community Centre, 7:30pm, Friday 7th September. PLEASE come along we need your support.

The Fylde Planning Committee will be making a decision on Wednsday 12th September 2012  at St Margarets Church Hall St. Leonard’s Road, St. Anne’s FY8 2NT.



Please come along to to the public meeting .  Members of WAG will be there to answer any questions you may have.

We need your support


WAG Members with the Petition

A petition of nearly 1000 signatures signed by residents of Wesham, was handed over today to Andrew Stell, Fylde Borough Council’s Senior Planning Officer. Members of Wesham Action Group (WAG), meeting in St Annes Town Hall on Thursday March 22, gave the petition objecting to the proposed development of 100 homes on countryside north of Mowbreck Lane in Wesham.

This petition contains 50% more names than on the first WAG petition in 2009 when the Group successfully campaigned against 264 homes being built on the same area of countryside. They fought and won the battle after a lengthy enquiry that went to the top of government for a final decision, and then a High Court pro- nouncement in summer 2011.

Metacre, the sites land-owner, came back after the rejection with a revised plan in November 2011 to develop 100 homes on approximately one third of the old site.

WAG believe that this petition once again provides a clear and even stronger local rejection of Metacre’s continued plan to develop land in countryside which is out- side Wesham’s present urban boundary and should be given serious consideration when the application is debated by FBC’s Development Control Committee. It is expected to be heard on April 11.

WAG Members handing the petition signed by Wesham Residents over to Planning Officer Andrew Stell

Local residents have commented that the implications of this being approved would leave the rest of the original site subject to further planning applications, bringing the number back to the original 264 houses.

Here we go again

Metacre Ltd who had a 264 housing application for land north of Mowbreck Lane turned down by Fylde BC,  a subsequent public appeal and finally by the Secretary of State, Eric Pickles have now submitted yet another application on the same piece of land.  This time the application is for up to 100 houses on a smaller piece of land.

A  local resident commented that the implications of this being approved would leave the the rest of the original site subject to further planning applications to bring the number back to the orignal 264 houses.

Wesham Action Group are opposed to the application  and will be actively fighting against it.

The Secretary of State Eric Pickles has REFUSED planning permission to build 264 houses on the agricultural  land North of Mowbreck Lane. This was also on the recommendations of the Planning Inspector Michael Ellison (MA Oxon). The reason for refusal are quite complicated in terms of planning law but the main reasons are

  • Housing should not be built on Agricultural land when other alternative brownfield sites are available.
  • The site was outside of the local designated settlement  boundaries of Wesham
  • Until Fylde BC decide on appropriate level of future housing provision, it would be wrong to approve the application until these requirements are known.

The applicant Metacre on behalf of Trevor Hemmings now have six weeks to mount a legal challenge.

Wesham Action Group would like to thank all of its supporters for all of there help support and advice we have received over the past two years.

Well, the appeal which started on Tuesday 14th September is over now. The inspector has heard all the evidence and the Wesham Action Group are waiting to hear.

We would like to thank all the residents of Wesham who turned up and either spoke out against the proposal or came along to  support the Action Group.  If you want to read a day by day account of the appeal you can find it here at Counterbalance

What Happens Next?

The appeal inspector  will make a report to the Secretary of State, Eric Pickles. Mr Pickles will review the inspectors report and make a decision. This could take several months depending on the Governments workload.

Wesham Community Centre

The land owner has appealed against Fylde Borough Council’s decision to  nextchance1reject  the planning application for the 264 Houses on the Land North of Mowbreck Lane.

The Appeal will now go before a Government Inspector to to make the final decision.

Come along and find out what we all can do to win this Appeal.

Practical tips will be be given and your concerns and questions answered – if we all work together we can win again

Organised by Wesham Action Group and supported by Wesham Town Council.

Fylde BC Development Control Committee(DCC) sensationally rejected the proposed housing development on land north of Mowbreck Lane. The proposal by wealthy Lancashire businessman Trevor Hemmings’ Metacre for 264 houses to be sited on  prime grade agricultural land.

In the public meeting held at Lowther Pavilion.  Twenty one objectors many of them from Wesham Action Group (WAG) and residents of Wesham.  spoke out against the proposal which had originally been recommended by the planning officer for Approval. The meeting had been proceeded by a visit by the DCC to the Mowbreck Lane site.

WAG produced a logical and sound set of arguments as to why the development should not go ahead. The proposal went against 34 planning policies and one Regional Spatial Strategy policy.

The DCC  then voted on the proposal and rejected it by 13 votes AGAINST the proposal and ZERO votes FOR

A Wesham action Group spokesperson said that

“this was a victory for Common Sense and the people of Wesham, the proposal would have destroyed many acres of  Prime Agricultural Land,  the Biological Heritage Marsh and one of  Wesham’s best assets.  We would like to thank the public of Wesham, Councillor Linda Nulty  and Wesham Town Council   for all their support they have given us over the last 14 months. ”

However Metacre are likely to  appeal against this decision and put it before a Government Planning Inspector,  so this is only the  first part of the battle that has been won.  However this was a key decision because if this stage  had been lost WAG  would have had no right of appeal.

So the battle continues……………….

Prior to the DCC Meeting next week, Wesham Town Council are hosting a public meeting to inform Wesham residents of any updates on the Mowbreck Lane (08/1072) planning application. The meeting will be held at Wesham Community Centre, 7:30pm, Thursday 11th March.
The FBC Meeting Agenda is now available online. Click HERE for link. The Planning Officers in this report are minded to advise the DCC to APPROVE this application. It can still be halted by telling the DCC………………….












Please come along to to the public meeting and the DCC meeting. Wesham Town Councillors and Members of WAG will be there to answer any questions you have.

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