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A planning application has now been submitted to Fylde Borough Council for ‘regeneration’ of farm land north of Mowbreck Lane.

Dated 6th January 2009, the application to concrete our countryside can be viewed here. The consultation period for this ends on 27th January 2009. Within this short period of time all neighbours of the site, relevant agencies and consultees must submit any petitions and/or interests.

Wesham Action Group believe any development on this site would cause catastrophic destruction of wildlife habitat. Metacre (also known as Northern Trust or Whittle Jones) have reported the existing biological heritage site will be enhanced. The plan shows the heritage site (Wesham Marsh). WAGs asks: How do you enhance a marsh? More importantly: How will a marsh be affected by large scale geoscaping right up to its boundry?

From the submitted plan you are able to see the road structure of the development. It’s serpentine spine road conjours an image of  idilyc motoring around a quiet conurbation. In reality, this image would never realised. Traffic calming measures would be barely noticed by commuters, desperate to reach the motorway, using either Mowbreck Lane or the, as yet, Unamed Road.

The Western entrance to the site would be not “an accident waiting to happen” but an accident happening daily! Travelling from the motorway any motorists wanting to access the site would have to  slow down immediatley after exiting a large roundabout and initiate a left turn.The rear-end shunts in this circumstance would happen often if not daily. Alternatively, motorists wishing to continue to Wesham/Kirkham would have to ensure their left indicator had ceased flashing on leaving the roundabout, otherwise vehicles trying to egress the conurbation may think they were turning left into the conurbation. The side-on collisions in this circumstance would be an all too frequent occurence. An entrance off Fleetwood Road into the Crossing gates estate was not allowed for very similar reasons.

The traffic levels along Mowbreck Lane would, of course, increase considerably. Congestion, confusion and calamity would ensue at School time. With an already perilous situation outside St Josephs and along Mowbreck for people wishing to park on the school run, the added traffic would undoubtedly put childrens lives at risk. Two access roads would run off Mowbreck lane. They are separated by the entrances to three new Cul-de-sacs. As the plan shows, all five side roads lie on a long left hand, near-blind bend. Motorists would find it very difficult to see vehicles trying to exit one of these side roads.  Yet another potential accident blackspot.

Local amenities servicing Kirkham, Wesham and surrounding villages would be stretched to breaking point with the introduction of 264 new dwellings. This number of new houses could potentially mean 1000 extra residents jostling for a place at doctors, dentists, schools, groups, community care, in-town car parking, etc…… Fylde Resident’s council tax would increase to cover extra landfill tax accrued as well as the cost for every other service FBC and LCC provide. Although letters have been sent out to all geographical neighbours of this site, the whole of the Fylde would be affected by it.


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