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A public meeting to discuss the Mowbreck Development was held. A lot of very useful and important points were raised. One was to stress the importance of  actually writing to the FBC Development Control Committee. (Follow the link for full contact details.)

Cllr Clayton stressed the content of these correspondences should be strictly fact based on whatever points you want to make. Emotive pleas are often disregarded if there are no actual policy related points included. Details of FBC Planning Policies can be found here. The Case number should be included in any correspondence you send. It is 08/1072.

Individual views on the planning application are very important, so please encourage your friends, family and neighbours to contact the DCC.

As a result of this meeting a number of people volunteered to form an Action Group. If you want to help leave a message on this site, alternatively you can contact one of the Town Councillors or through www.weshamforum.blogspot.com .

Although the consultation period ends on 3rd February 2009 your views will still be taken into account right up to the date this case goes to the DCC. (11th Mar 2009)

Please feel free to leave your comments on this site.

This site will be updated with news on the application regularly.


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