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Road safety within Wesham is set to come under threat should a new proposed development be given the green light by Fylde Borough Council.  The proposed 264 house development situated on prime agricultural land North of Mowbreck Lane.  The planning application submitted by Metacre Ltd includes a new access road  sited just 50 metres from the Fleetwood Road  and A585 roundabout. In addition to this it also features no less than 5 new access roads onto Mowbreck Lane a road which has caused traffic problems in the past.


There are also fears about the Emergency services. Fire and Rescue and Ambulance have stations only 100 metres form the access road on Fleetwood Road and with the expected increase in traffic, lives will be put at risk if they are delayed in attending incidents.


Huge risk to Wesham's Children

Huge risk to Wesham's Children

The proposed development would feature 264 new homes, this is expected to bring an extra 400 new cars to Wesham’s roads which are already reaching near capacity.


A spokesperson for the Wesham Action Group said “ It is an accident waiting to happen, at peak times Fleetwood Road and the A585 are  extremely busy, cars pulling  out on to Fleetwood Road will not see fast approaching traffic  exiting the roundabout. As the majority of people who will live on the site are expected to have jobs outside of Wesham so it is assumed that they will need to use their cars,  road safety will undoubtedly be threatened. The lack of a decent public transport system in and out of Wesham will also not be able to cope with this increase in demand “

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