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The date has been set for the FBC’s Development Control Committee (DCC) to decide the fate of  Mowbreck Lane’s beautiful farmland. Wesham Action Group needs YOUR support to show the full extent of public feeling against the destruction of our countryside.Countryside under threat

For many months Wesham Action Group have worked tirelessly to campaign against 264 houses being built on the outskirts of Wesham, which will affect our town in many serious ways. YOU can help stop this by:

  • Attending the Meeting.
  • Writing to members of the DCC

The full contact list of the DCC can be viewed HERE.

The meeting will take place:

17th March 2010 at Lowther Pavillion, Lytham.

Time – 1300

This is a special meeting. Application N0. 08/1072 (Land North of Mowbreck Lane) has caused so much public interest that Fylde Borough Council have opted to have this meeting in a large venue. WAG wants as many residents there to show solidarity against the willfull destruction of  our countryside.



  1. Jules says:

    Rare newts were found on the land….

    This is the worst planning ever..we have two new build sites on the go and they cannot sell their houses. Since Crossing gates was started we are having flooding problems as all the water from Queens Place, Morland Ave, West View would run onto that land, now no where for the water to go our gardens are under water. Building a site theat is above ours is really going to cause problems, block fantastic views over to the fells.

    We do not have any new schools to deal with the new population my sons class is at 29!! and he has problems that cannot be addressed due to high class sizes. So set up another load of houses where will the kids be educated!!?
    Our education, health care will all suffer…we are a small area.

    Our council tax wil increase to cover new pipes and sewerage needed ….New house in Wesham = Not needed!!

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