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The Secretary of State Eric Pickles has REFUSED planning permission to build 264 houses on the agriculturalĀ  land North of Mowbreck Lane. This was also on the recommendations of the Planning Inspector Michael Ellison (MA Oxon). The reason for refusal are quite complicated in terms of planning law but the main reasons are

  • Housing should not be built on Agricultural land when other alternative brownfield sites are available.
  • The site was outside of the local designated settlementĀ  boundaries of Wesham
  • Until Fylde BC decide on appropriate level of future housing provision, it would be wrong to approve the application until these requirements are known.

The applicant Metacre on behalf of Trevor Hemmings now have six weeks to mount a legal challenge.

Wesham Action Group would like to thank all of its supporters for all of there help support and advice we have received over the past two years.

3 Responses to “Planning Permission Refused”

  1. Frankie Melling says:

    On behalf of all of us who did little more than make cakes, thanks to all of you for your hard work and persistence, and congratulations for the success you’ve acheived.

  2. Kate says:

    Congratulations WAG! Well done!

  3. Norman Askew says:

    The battle is not over! Metacre have now submitted another planning application ref 11/0763 to build a smaller number of houses (100) this time surrounding the recreation ground with road access just off the roundabout. It still invilves building on green land and because of the lack of bus links to Preston will still result in more road traffic through Kirkham & Wesham. Naturally, there is no amention of the lack of any amenities to cater for the increase in population. This needs the same level of opposition as was given to the previous application. Metacre MUST get the message that Wesham cannot sustain any further housing development. There are still many unsold houses on the Crossing Gates and Willow Fields developments!

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