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Dear Sir,
I am completely against more housing being built in Wesham, Preston for the following reasons:
1. Unacceptable loss of green space, agricultural land and potential damage to historic bio-heritage site – I was born in Kirkham and raised in Wesham. Mowbreck lane was part of my up bringing of the history of Wesham and a history I wish to pass on to my child and his children. This development ruins that for all people living in Wesham who share the same up bringing I had or similar.
2. An increase in traffic on already over-stretched road system – I had to take my father to hospital in Blackpool the other day – we had to be there for 18:10 – what should be a 20 min journey at most took nearly 1 hour – just to get out of Wesham!! We already have other housing development that has not completed and that will add to this ridiculous traffic situation!
3. Government imposed housing targets do not reflect the local housing market – My husband and I have been looking at upgrading to a larger house in Kirkham/Wesham for the past 18 months, many of the houses on the market back at the start of our search are still on the housing market today – they are not selling – so why increase what houses are on the market – again some Wesham developments are still not complete that are already in existance!!
4. Little or no supporting infrastructure – my son attends Carr Hill High School – the school last year had what can only be described as a damning ofsted report, the numbers at the school are already threatening the quality of service give, any further sharp rise in numbers will see this school explode with too many pupils to be controlled. The only other schools in the area are a private, fee paying school or a bus journey to a Catholic run senior school. More people moving to this area must surely mean new senior schools but to my knowledge there are no plans??? How can that make sense? This will equally be the case for junior schools who must also be facing an over crowding problem.
The current situation in our country is that jobs are in decline, the housing market is in decline, a recession is squeezing this country at every turn. If the jobs are not there, then the people will not come, houses won’t be bought – this is a fact in these trying of times.
The current situation in Wesham is that there are 2 housing developments struggling to sell their houses in Wesham… Why on earth build more? and with it take away Wesham history and deny our children a good education that will be sacrificed by over crowding. Can our public transport system really take more people using it? Can our public roads really take more people using it? My opinion and that of my family is definitely not!
When will you’re local constituents be listened to?

Name and Address supplied. 

6 Responses to “Your Views”

  1. Anon says:

    One of my main issues is …Wesham v Lytham Quays … now I am not from Lytham but what I know is that the whole of Lytham tried their best to ensure that Lytham Quays didn’t happen …you could go down any street in Lytham at that time and you could see a banner about the communities thoughts about Lytham Quays in every window !!! (Have I seen that in Wesham erm NO! 1 in every 10 houses ) …. but FBC changed their goal posts…..only because Kensington Developments changed slightly on theirs !!! and for what FBC passed…. a huge publicly unwanted developement .. ( and personally an eye-sore ) and have all those houses been sold???
    What makes Wesham any different to Lytham .. are Metacre just another Kesington Developments waiting to happen ! I can only hope not and I don’t doubt Lytham people said NO … but .. I live in Wesham and I hope that all of us stand up and say NO ! ! We cannot have anymore housing … our schools , our beloved green spaces out right to go out and walk into the woodlands …. OUR right to have it not FBC ‘s to take it away !!!!

    Anon from Wesham

  2. Norman Askew says:

    I completely agree with Wesham Action Group’s stand against this proposed development. Building on this scale would destroy the character of Wesham, turning it into just a vast housing sprawl. There are insufficient amenities in Wesham as it is and I notice that there are no proposals for any amenities to correspond with the size of the proposed development.

    Roads in Wesham are congested in peak times as it is. Mowbreck Lane is totally inadequate to cope with any increase in traffic. When Derby road was closed by roadworks to provide for drainage etc. for the housing development on ex Wesham Park Hospital land, trafiic was diverted along Mowbreck Lane. It was very apparent that the road was too narrow. Increasing traffic even more on Mowbreck Lane would would only make this problem worse. The exit from Mowbreck Lane onto Fleetwood Road is already dangerous because of impaired visibility and there is no room to widen this due to existing buildings.

  3. Chris says:

    I don’t for one minute believe that all you people complaining about the plans to build nice houses in Wesham has anything to do with the environment.
    I believe you’re looking after your own selfish interests. Basically you don’t want your lovely views spoilt and are worried that it may impact on the valuation of the properties of the people who live in that particular area. Who complained when those houses were built? What about the environmental impact of when those houses were built? For as long as those people drive to work, fly away on holidays and business trips and perform countless other daily environmentally destructive acts then these people have no right to comment on the environmental impact of the plan to build these lovely houses. Lets face it, the majority of Wesham is fairly shabby and I welcome new houses. You complainers would be better off being honest instead of trying to get other people to support your own selfish interests falsely using the environment to muster support.

  4. Journeyman says:


    Thanks for your comments on Wesham Action Group website.

    I would just like to re-affirm some facts. This is not about selfish
    interests of a group trying to protect their own interests. We have never said that there is not a demand for houses. As a group we believe it is time to stop the destruction of Greenfield land when there are other alternatives.
    As you will have read on our website the facts are as follows

    1. It will Destroy prime grade 1 and 2 Agricultural land (less than 5% of
    this exists within the UK and within the Fylde this is the only land
    classified as such). The UK’s ability to remain self supportive by growing
    it’s own food is drastically decreasing, both previous and current
    Governments agree with this policy.

    2. The proposed site is adjacent to a Nationally recognised Biological
    heritage site. Which will dry up destroying the natural habitat of several
    threatened species including Great Crested Newts and Water Voles.

    3. The remaining agricultural land will be affected by the Hydrological
    impact of a large area being concreted. This will not only threaten the
    remaining agricultural land but also cause a flood risk to residents and
    Mowbreck Lane Caravan Park.

    4. The proposed access roads create a safety hazard as they are only 30
    metres from the main roundabout. Mowbreck Lane is also unsuitable for an
    increase in traffic.

    5, The farmer will still need to access the remaining agricultural land so
    dangerous agricultural machinery will be driving on or in close proximity to
    a housing estate aimed a t attracting young families

    6. Over 700 households from within Wesham signed a petition to say they were
    against it ONLY three residents refused to sign.

    7. Thirteen councillors all members of the Fylde BC Planning committee
    agreed with us by voting to reject the proposal.

    8. With the two recent housing estates at crossing gates and Derby Road
    plus the proposed new development will mean that Wesham will have a
    population increase of over 40%.

    9. Despite the increase in population. there is no proposed increase in the
    infrastructure to support these houses. Schools Dentists Doctors are all
    currently full.

    10. Where there is a population increase crime rates will increase

    11. The ‘shabby houses’ as you describe them wil still be there, they will not be replaced, only
    added to.

    12. Under the current economic climate there is no demand for houses the two
    new housing estates have not yet reached anywhere near full capacity. this
    estate will only create a white elephant which will lead to pockets of
    unfinished houses.

    13. Protecting the view is part of it but not just for local residents it is
    for all of the population of Wesham ,the view as you approach Wesham is one
    of the best in the Fylde this will be lost.

  5. Nicola & Kirk says:

    We are extremely distressed, and disappointed to hear that an appeal will now go before a Government Inspector to make a final decision for 264 dwellings on land north of Mowbreck Lane.

    • Having recently moved to the area we believe Wesham is now becoming over developed for its size and character. Wesham is a village, and this is why we moved here with our two young children (so we were able to bring them up in a rural community). But with this extra amount of new developments it will be no longer be the rural community we carefully selected to be residents of.
    • The Roads are incapable and completely unsuitable to cope with the massive increase in traffic. Most households now own more than one car so the increase will also create a much higher volume of traffic. Which will inevitability bring about a lot more congestion and road safety issues within the local area.
    • The threat to Wesham’s marsh, and wildlife habitat needs to be seriously considered. This type of development will have a severe and irreversible impact on the marsh and wildlife habitat.
    • The loss of countryside to urban sprawl will also have a serious and irreversible impact.
    • The loss of grade two farmland and food production will be immeasurable, and again irreversible.

    We both hope that the application is again refused. But sometimes in situations like this its all about who will line who’s pocket!
    Nicola & Kirk.

  6. Edward Hudson says:

    I was born in Wesham at RoseVillas on the Garstang Rd in 1938.I can see why people do not want new homes built in the area,as I can recall,the nice open area’s of the farms in that area.I would be a shame to have a lot of house’s in the area,also the traffic it would bring to the area.My grandmother came from the farm area in Mowbreck Lane,and it was part of the area I know.I now live in Canada but to me Wesham is still home.Thank you.
    Edward Hudson
    6 Westvale Park
    Saint John
    New Brunswick,Canada E2M 5B4

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